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Jalil ~ Owner 

Hello everyone, My name is Jalil. I am a Sports Injury Massage Therapist with a specialization in traumatic muscle memory / muscle recovery and secondary specialty  in Oncology massage. I graduated from North Western Health Sciences University in August 2014. Since then I have established and built Physiologic Clinic in the Western suburbs of Minneapolis. In addition I have many years of experience working with collegiate and professional athletes. One of my biggest accomplishments has been the honor of Co-leading the recovery teams for the Midwest region RAGNAR Relay Marathons. Out of all of my experiences with sports, my most impactful sessions have been with my patients who have been in battle with medical conditions such as cancer, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Dementia, and so on. 

Recently I moved down to West Des Moines to pursue school at Mercy Health Sciences University and ultimately Des Moines University for their Osteopathic Medical program. 


As a provider I take pride and joy in my work, my ability to positively influence someone's life. I firmly believe in customized bodywork to meet the current needs of everyone of my patients. 

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