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My name is Mandy. I have been practicing massage therapy for over 6 years. I trained in Las Vegas, Nevada. My sessions are focused on relaxation or deep tissue. In all my massage sessions I like to use subtle energetic healing techniques to heighten the experience. I offer complimentary Aromatherapy and Biofreeze.

Add on services:
 Cupping- Cupping therapy is one of the oldest and
most effective method of releasing the toxins from
the body. It is very helpful in reducing inflammation.

 Massage gun- I recommend this service for people
with stubborn trigger points and muscle tension.

 Hot Stones-Helps improve blood flow and relax
muscles and fascia.
 Craniosacral Therapy- It is a useful treatment for
chronic pain in neck or upper back. Headaches, TMJ,
arthritis, and inner ear problems. This is
accomplished with light touch on the scalp and

around the spine. This treatment helps with the flow
of cerebral spinal fluid by slowly releasing tension in
the tissues surrounding the brain and spinal cord.
 Mantra Massage- A mantra is understood as any
sound, word or phrase that alters consciousness.
Repeating words or phrases can help the user to
manifest something positive to uplift their life. Or
you can use Mantras spiritual cleansing and
relaxation. During a mantra massage you can chant
along or stay silent and meditate. The session will
end with a full body cleanse by burning palo santo.

 Charka healing- Chakras are energy center
throughout the body. Each center has a different
meaning. With emotional or physical trauma, the
energy centers may close or become overactive.
During the session I will place crystals on the chakra
centers. The session will end with a full body cleanse
by burning palo santo.

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